A rare, fully washed Arabica coffee which is harvested between October and February. The coffee grows on the slopes of one of Africa’s oldest volcanoes, Mount Elgon. Heavy, solid bluish-green beans are retrieved from the milling process. Ideal climatic conditions and careful handling at farmers’ and millers’ level result in a unique aroma..

Bugisu Blue Mount Elgon “AA” Specialty

Due to the ever-increasing need of the industry to receive high quality Robusta coffees, we entertain a selective buying of mainly factory coffees upcountry which then are separately dried and coloursorted. After this process the bean undergoes a careful polishing process, which makes it more even in appearance and cleaner in taste.

Robusta Screen 15 Special

Produced in Northern Uganda’s West Nile Region, along the Rift Valley, this coffee was introduced in Uganda in the 1950’s. It is grown in small scale plantations and marketed through co-operative societies. Okoro “G 1 0” specialty represents around 1,200 MT per year and has become famous for its pronounced acidity.

Okoro “G 10” Specialty

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